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State of the Choir April 2016

April 19, 2016 - 9:38am -- Ravil Atlas

So here it is, the first State of the Choir address.  The Christchurch Pops Choir is, to say the least, STRONG!  As in 87 strong!  We have experienced a huge growth in numbers but have also added some exceptional talent.  As incoming Artistic Director I felt it my responsibility to retain the current membership but to try to take the choir to the next level. To do that I would need to attract like-talented and singer-ready performers. The result is an exceptional group of 87 singers. The issues this would normally present with balance has been solved with the purchase of our new choir microphones and our commitment to greater production values.  These state of the art microphones allow us to balance the sections without losing the integrity of the singing.

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