State of the Choir April 2016

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April 19, 2016 - 9:38am -- Ravil Atlas

So here it is, the first State of the Choir address.  The Christchurch Pops Choir is, to say the least, STRONG!  As in 87 strong!  We have experienced a huge growth in numbers but have also added some exceptional talent.  As incoming Artistic Director I felt it my responsibility to retain the current membership but to try to take the choir to the next level. To do that I would need to attract like-talented and singer-ready performers. The result is an exceptional group of 87 singers. The issues this would normally present with balance has been solved with the purchase of our new choir microphones and our commitment to greater production values.  These state of the art microphones allow us to balance the sections without losing the integrity of the singing. The other happy result is a robust number of singers and a wider profile of the Christchurch population.

Plans are underway for our second annual tour, this time to the West Coast; Hokitika and Westport, to be exact, on Saturday May 28th and 29th respectively.  The aim of the tour is to provide a bonding experience for the singers but also to share our unique brand of exuberant singing with our neighbours to the west. 

Along with a bigger choir comes more administrative responsibilities which are masterfully executed by our extraordinary executive board. Sub-committees have been formed to help with planning and Max Tocker has been appointed Musical Director in charge of instrumentalists and arrangements. The annual concert has been moved back to October giving the choir a chance to fine tune the repertoire and add that needed extra splash of production colour. What it means is an annual concert on October 29th not to be missed!

Our relationship with principal corporate sponsor Christchurch International Airport Limited remains one of the strengths of the choir.  We simply could not do what we do without them and it has been an honour to perform at CIAL events. 

As the choir moves from strength to strength I am reminded of it’s origins in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquakes and the extraordinary joy that comes from the hearts and voices of the singers in this group.  It is a rare privilege for me to conduct this choir and to guide their future. I hope that you will join us on this journey as a fan, a singer, a patron, a sponsor, or a ticket buyer.  We are here to sing for you and hope to earn the moniker of “The hardest working choir in show business!”


Ravil Atlas

Artistic Director, Christchurch Pops Choir

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